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Backing up your data in the cloud is like taking up an Insurance cover for your data incase of data loss.

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500 GB

Trial offer just $23.00 for 30 days after that

  • $ 23.00 for each month
  • $ 263.00 for each year

1 TB

Trial offer just $46.00 for 30 days after that

  • $ 46.00 for each month
  • $ 525.00 for each year

2 TB

Trial offer just $92.00 for 30 days after that

  • $ 92.00 for each month
  • $ 1050.00 for each year

5 TB

Trial offer just $230.00 for 30 days after that

  • $ 230.00 for each month
  • $ 2623.00 for each year

Backup all your data; Music, Videos, Photos, Documents, Database, Emails, you name it.
Whether you're a student, computer user, computer shop, school, university, teacher, lecturer, government agency, retailer, manufacturer, software developer, advertising agency, graphic designer etc you can trust JIJI Cloud to backup your data safely.

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Why and What to backup

Backing up your files is vital. Imagine, you simply lose all your precious photos, documents, personal and business files.

Questions and answers

1What are the Benefits of Cloud Backup?
1)Safety: As your data is stored in the Cloud, you are not subject to the typical threats of fire, flooding or theft. 2)Ease of Recovery: Due to multiple levels of redundancy, if data is lost or deleted, most likely through individual user error or deletion, backups are available and easily located. 3)Ease of Access: So long as you can connect to the remote server, you have access to all the data that you have stored in the Cloud. 4)Affordability: Cloud back up can be less expensive than the cost of tape drives, servers, or other hardware and software elements.
2Is Online Backup Better Than Local Backup?
The one major advantage that online backup has over local backup is that your data is stored away from home or office, meaning that your important data is free from local disasters like fires, theft, floods etc that could impact your external hard drive, optical discs, or other local backup destinations or media.
3Is It Safe to Send & Store My Private Data on the Internet?
Contrary to what you may have heard in the news, not all data you transmit over the internet, or allow to be stored on a private, or even public, computer server is easily accessible by someone other than you. The key to keeping your data private, even if it's located somewhere else, is by encryption. When you encrypt data, you encode it so only authorized people can read it.
4Can I Access My Online Backup Files From Anywhere?
The ability to access documents online is a big feature of cloud storage. You can access your data anytime, anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.
5Will My Internet Be Slow if I’m Backing Up All The Time?
Once you have completed your initial backup, No you should not notice a change in your Internet connection speeds. This is because the backup software you download watches for changes in your files. It does not continually back up everything on your hard drive. It only uploads the changes to file on your computer.

Case Scenerio


Imagine that your Laptop has been stolen from your Car. Bear in mind that the Data inside is more valuable than the Laptop itself. It could be your family photos, wedding photos, Business data etc. How would you get the data back if no backup was in place? Our solution offers you a solution that makes it possible to retrieve your data in such instances.

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