About Us

Why it's worth to choose JIJI Cloud?

JIJI Cloud Backup is the most reliable and cost-effective online backup system in Kenya.



We encrypt your files on your PC before uploading them via a secure socket layer (SSL) Internet connection


We provide a dependable backup. It is essential to have a copy of your data so that if your environment is compromised, you will still be able to get it back.

Technical support

Technical support is available online, via email or telephone. ... in-depth product knowledge and implementation experience to every backup/recovery project.

Complete solutions

The best way to protect yourself is with an online backup plan. ... a better overall online backup service like JIJI Cloud

What we do?

JJI Cloud is a product that ensures that you never lose a file again. Backup an unlimited amount of data.

We automatically keep a copy of your all your files safe in our data centres. If you lose or break your PC or Laptop you can easily restore the files back to your computer. This can be done by access your files via an internet connection..

  • We sell all over the world.
  • Satisfaction or 30 Day Free Trial.
  • Lifetime updates & support.
  • 24 hours Support.
  • An easy to use DIY product.

We have different packages for backing up data that you can choose from. We have the following packages 500GB, 1TB & 5TB

JIJI Cloud makes it very easy for you to back up your files, photos, documents, music, videos etc. You only need to install the software on your Windows or Mac computer and JIJI Cloud will automatically back up your files to our secure online storage.

Don't wait and long, the future of data backup is in the Cloud.

Backup your data today before disaster strikes